Falck Danmark A/S

Falck is one of the largest private providers of emergency medical services (including clinics), safety training etc.

Falck is a Danish based company with business activities in 36 countries. Falck provides emergency medical services in 22 countries on government contracts, business to business and business to consumer basis. In addition to this Falck provides a wide range of other services such as preventive healthcare services and medical examination and treatment at clinics. The company’s main services in healthcare are: Emergency Medical Services (including HEMS), Patient Transportation, Medical Clinics and Doctors On-Call, Occupational Health, International Medical Assistance (travel care), and Health Care Temp Services.

What we offer

Grupo EMI Falck Denmark A/S runs emergency and medical operations in Latin America. Through Falck’s subsidiary - Grupo EMI - Falck offers a wide range of medical services to 901,228 private subscribers in Columbia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and Uruguay. The services include e.g. pre-hospital care services; ambulance services; EMS services; medical consultations defined as health situations relating to chronic and acute diseases that are not time critical including pediatric consultations; service whereby the subscriber can be attended by a group of specialist doctors at a favorable fee and hospitalization at home: offering medical attention and nursing at ”hospital standards” at home when hospital infrastructure is no longer required but the patient still needs complex attendance and active monitoring. The need for emergency and medical services of high quality in Latin America is high, so this market is in rapid growth.
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