Since its foundation in 1983, Frontmatec has improved the competitiveness of hundreds of companies while making the life easier for thousands of employees. Today, Frontmatec is the preferred supplier for companies seeking the highest standards when it comes to software for automated logistic solutions such as complete warehouse management systems, tracking and monitoring systems and automated solutions for buildings in general. Thanks to Frontmatecs financial and human resources, the customers achieve the highest return of their investments and the greatest confidence both in the construction phase as well as in the daily operation.

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Installation of GO.Guide at LINAK
LINAK, a world leader in electric linear actuation, wanted to eliminate errors with manual assembling of small units. Therefore, the company was looking for a system, which could quality assure the assembly process and minimize introduction training of employees when several different actuators were to be assembled in the same process. Furthermore, LINAK wanted a bigger monitor in the mounting room plus the opportunity to add text and pictures to the assembly instruction. Frontmatec installed the GO.Guide in the existing software system and did some adjustments that matched the wishes of LINAK. In collaboration with another Danish company, the entire system were designed with ergonomic solutions for transportation and process protection, which all transformed LINAK Techline into a high-technological system with flawless products.

Implementation of GO.Guide at Oticon
The Danish hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, had an overall desire to find a more effective way to pack their orders. The company were struggling with time waste when packing orders. After having examined the existing system, Frontmatec's technicans implemented a customized version of the GO.Guide that met the concrete needs of Oticon. By installing the solution, Oticon is now capable of managening twice as many orders as before. Furthermore, the implementation of GO.Guide has given the employees much more flexibility during the workday.
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