Gibotech A/S

Gibotech is a Danish company with more than 30 years of experience and a proven track record of robot-based automation in many sectors, including healthcare. We offer innovative and competitive high-tech automation solutions which focus on helping customers optimize and streamline their production, either in new or existing installations. Integrating robot technology with software solutions, Gibotech’s dedicated specialists develop solutions adapted to customer’s needs. The solutions are normally installed on our address or at our supplier's address and tested before being reinstalled on the customer's location to ensure that the systems comply with the customer's expectations.

What we offer

Intelligent robot
GiboSort is designed with an intelligent sorting robot based on concepts and products from industrial solutions. The robot recognizes the content of the boxes using a vision camera and empties the boxes one sample at a time. The vision system also determines if the sample are centrifuged or not, and boxes containing emergency samples are prioritized. Unrecognizable samples are delivered to a special problem case for manual handling.

GiboSort – automated blood sample handling
GiboSort automates the task of handling blood samples in order to minimize the risk of errors occurring in manual sorting and shorten the lead time to significantly improve efficiency. Samples are transported from local docters in specially designed transport boxes, delivered at the hospital and to GiboSort’s inter¬nal delivery system. Transport boxes are placed in elevators and transported to the sorting robot that empties the boxes and sorts the samples for analysis in the laboratories. Empty boxes are sent back through the elevator system, so the service staff receives the same number of boxes as were delivered, and transport staff always has empty boxes in the car for next pick up.
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