Hejdoktor offers an IT technology platform which enables the healthcare personal to conduct video conversions with citizens independent of location. Hejdoktor┬┤s mission is to offer convenient and quality healthcare services - for everyone, everywhere at any time.

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Hejdoktor delivers 'MinVideo læge' to Region Nordjylland
In collaboration with Region North Jutland, we launched My Video Doctor. With the help of My Video Doctor, citizens of Mors can conduct video consultations with their own GP without having to leave home. My Video Doctor is based on the Hejdoktor platform and is adapted so that the name and expression are in accordance with Region Nordjylland's guidelines. The solution was delivered at approx. two months and included an iOS and Android app.

Medconnect eHealth Solutions
Medconnect eHealth Solutions provides the technology and solution to enable your organization to deliver video consultations and virtual screen visits. Medconnect eHealth Solutions provide increased comfort for the citizen and more health for the money. We can help you get started.
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