ICURA ApS develops welfare technological training solutions. Our platforms motivate patients, improves the quality of home training and optimizes and qualifies the course of treatment for the benefit of both patients and therapists. Our products are user friendly and works across platforms. The products share a common technological basis and can therefore be combined so the overall solution is precisely adapted to context in which you wish to use them. ICURA ApS was founded in 2011. The ICURA team consists of engineers, interaction designers and software developers. The ICURA office is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What we offer

Digitally enhanced training and rehabilitation in your own environment
Aging populations as well as the number of lifestyle and chronic diseases are increasing in both developed and emerging countries. Public healthcare services are getting more expensive and reduced workforces combined with increased expenses within the healthcare sector necessitate new technological solutions. The common denominator of a wide range of patients is that monitored training and increased physical activity makes a difference. More than 20% of Danish municipalities use sensor-based solutions by ICURA for digitally enhanced home training. These solutions motivate patients and improve the quality of home training. Feedback for the healthcare professional optimizes and qualifies the course of treatment for the benefit of both patients and therapists. A randomized clinical study with over 300 participants showed that knee and hip patients experience the same effect from training with the ICURA solution compared to traditional training – even though the overall number of physical meetings with therapists has been reduced. A newly published study from the Danish Agency for Digitization and PA Consult shows that the municipality of Copenhagen can handle more patients because of reduced pressure on public training facilities simply because patients train more in their own homes. The technology allows the patient to train in the surroundings of their choice independent of time, whether it is in the living room or garden or during the day or night. Healthcare professionals and therapists can communicate with the patient and offer guidance and support based on measurable results from their training, thereby offering individual and flexible treatment courses whilst giving the patients control and responsibility of their own treatment.
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