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At Improvento we create digital solutions to improve welfare. Helping more than 70.000 health professionals within the Danish hospitals, our solution, Quality Suite, have shown excellence in ensuring quality by providing functionality to support governance, knowledge sharing, and compliance. This includes modules that help the staff handle their clinical and administrative guidelines, their audits, deviations and improvements, their medical equipment, competencies, and risks.  

By only using cloud-based solutions, we deliver services for both web clients and mobile apps, which are characterized by their flexibility and ability to create value for the users immediately.

What we offer

The Capital Region of Denmark: Access to updated and valid guidelines whenever, wherever
Day and night, the Capital Region of Denmark is responsible for treatment of the region's 1.6 million citizens. To ensure quality for the safety of the patients, a digital solution is required to effectively organize and give access to updated and valid guidelines for all health professionals when treating the patients. The region has chosen Quality Suite, and with configuration tailored to the region’s needs, the solution is now referred to as VIP. Improvento has handled both implementation and education of employees to secure maximum benefit from the system. Today, VIP is used in all departments in all hospitals in the region, and it is a central part of the daily, digital assistance. Along with a web application, the region uses the mobile app, VIP2go, to access their guidelines whenever and wherever needed. VIP2go ensures quick and offline access to targeted content.

The Clinical Biochemical Department in Central Region of Denmark: Simple and secure registration of deviations and risks
Making more than 700 registrations each year, the Clinical Biochemical Department needed a more streamlined and simple way to handle their daily registrations. Especially registrations of deviations are crucial to the department. Quality Suite, a quality management system including the Qreg module to handling deviations has therefore been implemented in the region. As Quality Suite enables staff to register different types of information using different modules, the department has extended their registrations to include risk assessments. From day one, the digital solution has created great value: “Before implementing Qreg, we were depending on several specialists, who had to transfer data to a spreadsheet and visualize them afterwards. Today, we handle it by a single push on a button! Today, more staff have access to data – faster.” - Bente Fruergaard, Secretary for the board.
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