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Innovative is a software company that develops incident management solutions for control rooms, both within the private and public safety sectors. Through customer driven development, we provide a flexible and powerful alarm monitoring solution, which ensures reduced response times, improved quality of service and adaptability to future technological development. Innovative Security Managerâ„¢ (ISM) incident management platform is suitable for dealing with emergency calls and care calls. The automatic emergency call solution is used by control rooms at municipalities and fire brigades which host the solution for municipal elderly care.


What we offer

Malmö Stads LarmCentral - Care calls as citizen service
Innovative’s solution for care calls was implemented at Malmö Stads LarmCentral. The municipality chose Innovative Security Manager™ not only to handle their care calls, but also elevator alarms, burglary alarms, personal alarms and other emergencies. Malmö Stads was looking for a solution to unify their alarm handling into one single platform. Their solution for care calls is used to serve elderly citizens. ISM receives the emergency call from the person and forwards it via a built-in logic that takes into account their location, time and schedule in order to assign the care call to the right people at the home care service.

Den Jyske Kontrolcentral - Incident Management
“Our motto is that we can monitor anything that can be monitored. We don't say no to any job. The customers get what they want, even though nobody has tried it before. However, that takes an extremely flexible and versatile alarm handling system which is easy to tailor to individual customer wishes. And that's why we're using ISM from Innovative Business Software. We've been using the system for just over three years now, and we haven't been faced with a task it couldn't handle”. Henrik Egsgaard, General Manager, Den Jyske Kontrolcentral.
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