IntraMed A/S

IntraMed is a company with high ambitions. We have achieved significant results by developing a product that makes a material difference within the health care service. Our mission is: To secure effective treatment for chronically ill patients with the aid of technology and web-based decision-making support systems. Today, IntraMed has a considerable market share in several treatment areas, such as AC, diabetes and heart diseases. This is why our vision is: To be a leading developer of electronic treatment systems for chronic illnesses.

What we offer

With CSO/Anticoagulation we are able to prevent a minimum of 100 cases of cerebral thrombo-embolic episodes in Vejle County per year.” In Vejle we conduct 10,000 check-ups a year. The Danish DRG (Diagnosed Related Groups) system is based on the calculation of average costs for patient treatment and the system rewards efficiency. Consequently we gain on the treatment of patients receiving anticoagulation treatment while at the same time CSO/Anticoagulation helps us to reduce our consumption of resources. Ivan Brandslund, Laboratory Director, Consultant, DMSc, Vejle Hospital, Denmark
Lautruphøj 1
2750 Ballerup

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