Leapcraft is a new age global innovation provider working with user centered design, big data and technology exploration. We work with companies & governments to create new offerings with a breed of new tools and methods based on big data analytics, rapid prototyping and empathetic application to society.

We offer product Innovation and tailor made solutions for the healthcare industry. We work with driving innovation with Big data, custom software and Internet of things. Our team has experts on device design, software development and data visualisation along with ethnographers and designers.

What we offer

We design and deployed a telemedicine project for the Region of Southern Denmark on tele-psychiatry. This entailed extensive user research, collaboration with researchers and the region.

Asthma Inhaler Compliance - We developed a custom made inhaler attachment with advanced sensors and data logger for a leading Pharma company dealing with respiratory indications. The data was used to analyse the real usage of drugs in home in order to find a more accurate treatment strategy.
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1401 Copenhagen

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