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We are dedicated to developing user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations. Our autonomous robots are a new generation of advanced mobile robots which give you a rapid return on investment. These unique, collaborative robots are now used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and healthcare sectors. 

Mobile Industrial Robots is an international and ambitious company, having dedicated employees who are passionate about making a difference and creating success and innovation within the world of robotics. 

What we offer

Argon Medical cuts costs with a MiR robot
Argon Medical Devices is a global manufacturer of specialty medical products and applies innovation to all aspects of operation. Challenge Due to the hygiene requirements of medical manufacturing, the staff wasted hours of valuable time putting on and taking off protective clothing. On top of that, the task of transporting materials itself, was value-less and did not use human brain power. The company needed to compete better and decided to automate in order to free up costly, highly skilled workers from menial tasks. If material handling could be optimized, management was sure productivity would increase. Approach Argon implemented a MiR200 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) which they controlled via a mobile phone to transport instruments from the cleanroom to the warehouse. On top of that, the robot’s intuitive web interface and the fact that it didn’t require lines or magnets to function, meant a quick and easy set up. “My initial expectations were that it was going to be complicated, that it would be hard to figure out the software and integrate it into the building. What I’ve found is just the opposite. It was so easy that I’m able to create new missions very rapidly and easily.” - Chuck Grossman, Engineer Results By implementing a MiR200 AMR, Argon Medical Devices was able to redeploy employees to more valuable activities. The time saved, was the equivalent to the work of one full-time employee, giving Argon a return on investment of just one year.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Robot Traffic at Hospital
At the Hospital of Southern Jutland in Aabenraa, Denmark, a MiR100 robot from Mobile Industrial Robots delivers food and returns with the dishes to the hospital kitchen four times a day. On its way, it deftly avoids trash cans, trolleys, scooters, porters with empty beds, groups of employees on foot, as well as other logistics robots. The Danish robot has AI features that solve the issue of different robots meeting in narrow doorways, blocking traffic by waiting for each other. An AI camera can distinguish robots from other obstacles, including people or other moving objects. The AI camera improves the robot traffic, ensuring the internal logistics of Aabenraa Hospital runs smoothly and efficiently. Automated internal transport provides benefits for management and employees. Previously, kitchen staffers had to walk to hospital departments and pick up the used service. Now they can click on a tablet, and the robot comes to fetch the dishes. “Those who used to drive the carts are happy to let go. Instead, they spend time cooking. It gives greater job satisfaction,” explains logistics manager Hans-Jacob Madsen. Porter manager Tom Johansen agrees: “Robot technology must release hands to patients and improve the working environment. The porters have tasks with postures that are hard at the shoulders and legs, as well as some inconvenient repetitive movements. I expect to see many more robots in hospitals, both collaborative and fully automated, that take on the pull, lift and push.”
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