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Mobilize Me ApS makes apps that support people with cognitive handicaps; mainly focusing on autism/ASD and ADHD. The apps are developed by and with people with personal and professional experience within their respective fields. Both apps have been thoroughly tested and is used by autism centres, schools and individual users. Our services can be accessed free of charge by contacting us at
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Mobilize Me

Coherence between institutions and schools
The municipality of Viborg, Denmark, is one of the municipalities that have implemented Mobilize Me as a solution for all their institutions and schools. This allows for a smoother transision and increased coherence between institutions and schools. It allows the children not to worry and adapt to different systems in schools and at home or in their institution. This also means that they can move to a different school, and get the same supporting day structure that they are familiar with. This can make a world of difference in the lives of the children and their family/network.
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