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Development and production of original music for treatment, based on research since 1998. MusiCure has since 2003 been sold exclusively at pharmacies, due to published scientific documentation. MusiCure has established its own streaming service: offering 36 hours of original evidence-based contents. The portfolio also includes the MusiCure Pillow, which is CE approved and registered as a Class 1 medical device, used in many areas of the healthcare sector. The benefits of MusiCure are described in numerous scientific articles, where the results include physiological measurements showing a reduction of stress hormone (cortisol), increased sense of well-being and relaxation in patients.

What we offer

Treatment of delirium with MusiCure Pillow
Delirium is the term for a severe neuropsychiatric condition that occurs in the context of acute somatic disease, often in elderly and demented patients. The patients are resource demanding and usually treated with strong sedative medication and admitted longer requiring constant supervision. At Hvidovre Hospital, they tested the MusiCure Pillow (pillow with built-in speakers and a special music program), on this patient group with surprisingly good results. The majority of patients came out of their delirium very quickly, needed less medication, and required less staff supervision. The pillow is now standard the equipment at the department. Subsequently, North Zealand Hospital, Hilleröd, completed a similar project with delirium patients, with similar good results, now published in a thorough report by clinical nurse, cand. Cur. Camilla Engelstoft Hess: 'Music as a complementary treatment method for hospitalized patients with delir'. The pillows were tested on 13 patients over a period of four months. The results from the registration forms showed that the majority of patients recovered faster when receiving the music intervention through the pillows: • 7% of patients had no effect • 23% of patients had some effect of the music but remained delirious. • 69% of patients left delirium after 2-13 hours of music and needed less medication The results with the pillow and delirium patients will be presented as posters at the forthcoming conference "Quality and Safety" at the Bella Center. After publishing the positive results with delirium patients, three other hospitals are now testing the pillow on the same patient group.

Waking up after surgery to music and nature
In the fall of 2019 Odense University Hospital (OUH) initiated a project where they tested MusiCure music and films with nature on patients who woke up after surgery, with very positive results. The project with MusiCure nature films, accompanied by music, for patients waking up after surgery has now involved over 300 patients and the nurses stated form the beginning that it has a calming and relaxing effect on the patients. With economic support from Tryg-fonden the screens and speakers at the pillow were set up in August at six beds, and during the trial, the nurses recorded how awakening progressed. Since the start of the project on August 1, 2019, almost 300 patients have completed evaluation forms. • 98% of patients stated that it was soothing and relaxing to wake up and that they would like to have the offer again if they had to be operated again. • 94% of the nurses expressed that they felt that it had a calming and relaxing effect on the patients. Many patients also express that the sensory experience with the scenic films and quiet music caused the difficult and negative thoughts to be diverted, that they had associations with their own garden and were even inspired to the next holiday destination. The procedure will now be standard in the wards where screens are currently installed at 6 beds, but several more screen installations are on their way at the hospital.
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