MyClinic A/S

MyClinic A/S develops, implements and supports one of the most advanced EHR solutions; MyClinic. The solutions can be delivered on a traditional license based solution or as SaaS (Software as a Service). In Denmark products are delivered directly from MyClinic A/S or through CGI. Outside Denmark MyClinic is delivered through local VAR's.

Our customers focus on patients and quality of patient treatment. We focus on providing a solution that improve treatment case management and reduce administrative workload.

What we offer

Privathospitalet Skørping is using MyClinic for patient EMR, treatment course and operation theatre planning and electronic communication. Utilizing MyClinic increased throughput and efficiency of the daily operation and made it possible to manage economy far more efficiently.

Lægehuset Kongevejscentret has been using MyClinic for 9 years. MyClinic made it possible to have the treatment policies supported by IT and increased consistency and quality of long term treatments (e.g. chronic diseases). At the same time MyClinic reduced time spend on administrative tasks thus enabling increased focus on patients.
Gydevang 43C
3450 Allerød

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