There has been a change in society, that affects all of us.

Doctors spends less time with their patients and more time on documentation and administration. This takes away time from what should be their primary task.

It’s time for a change, we need to return to what’s important.

Time is often called our most valued resource, and we strongly believe that everybody should be able to do their jobs in the most efficient way.

With new technologies and our long experience within documentation, we offer our customers the possibility to focus on their most important task: to create a better society for all of us.

A change that not only is possible but crucial.

What we offer

4.000 users are expected to use Speech Recognition and Speech Navigation
In order to help doctors save time on mouse clicks, Region Hovedstaden has implemented speech recognition and speech navigation. With our speech technology integrated into the electronic patient journal EPIC, the doctors can with their voice quickly navigate to, and update, the patient record. An estimated 4.000 physicians are expected to benefit from the technology.

1500 doctors in Region Sjælland are using Speech Recognition
Doctors in Region Sjælland has for several years used our technology solution. The solution is integrated in the electronic patient journal EPIC and covers somatic, pathologic, radiologic and psychiatric areas. The patient record is updated automatically and instantly while the doctor is verbally dictating, this helps reducing document turnaround time and insuring patient safety.
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