OpenTeleHealth is a medical certified cloud based platform for measuring health data at home, using and App and a wide range of medical devices. Doctors can view multiple patients’ data on a secure web portal. The platform is simple and scalable, and covers all chronic diseases, at a low price affordable even at a large scale. OpenTeleHealth uses a unique clinical workflow which gathers patient context, and not just measured health vitals.

What we offer

The OTH platform
The OTH platform is a remote health management solution for doctors, healthcare professionals, health clinics, hospitals and businesses providing remote care for large populations. The web portal is the healthcare professional’s digital doorway to interact with patients in their homes. Doctors will receive patients’ health data and start tracking their trends immediately. A Clinician can access advanced health data through the web portal, where they review, evaluate and intervene based on a received patient data according to protocols. Our unique platform allows doctors to collect the patient’s health data through a highly customisable clinical workflow or protocol, that is easily created by the clinical team in a web portal. Patients' inputs through a user-friendly patient APP and the workflow simulates a real doctor-patient consultation, effectively saving resources (proven).
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