WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF SCHEDULING IN HOSPITALS AND ELDER CARE Creating good staff schedules in hospitals and nursing homes that operate 24x7 is often a complicated process. It is difficult to clearly appreciate the many possible combinations of duty periods, duty hours, time-off-in-lieu requirements, holidays, etc. and make sure that each person works the correct number of hours. Being compliant with external rules and agreements is not a trivial task and combining it with assuring that doctors and nurses with proper skills and qualifications are on duty emphasizes the need for a good decision support tool.
What we offer

PDC StaffPlan
PDC StaffPlan ensures every medical staffing demand to be met and integrates the individual preferences of each staff member, ensuring greater employee satisfaction. PDC StaffPlan provides powerful scheduling tools to cover a multitude of shifts, needs and expectations every day, efficiently and easily. In addition, PDC StaffPlan helps planners keep track of staffing reports, regulated ratios and all of the demands that medical services must meet. PDC StaffPlan puts real time data at the scheduler’s fingertips. Managers can plan according to the availability of qualified personnel, staff preferences for particular days, shifts and units, and ensure compliance with union and regulatory requirements. Seamless integration with HR Payroll systems ensures that correct salaries and budgets are met, giving greater control over workforce costs.

PDC StaffPlan Manages Thousands of Employees
Region Hovedstaden includes all hospitals in Copenhagen, capitol of Denmark. Two thousands schedulers make shift plans for the entire staff - except doctors - amounting to 42.000 employees. Additionally, PDC StaffPlan calculates salary for 130.000 people a year. We have used PDC StaffPlan since 1999. We appreciate the system stability and the innovation projects according to our growing needs. By implementing PDC StaffPlan we have reduced the time we used for making rosters and our employees are more satisfied now that the planners are able on the fly to see if vacation can be granted. Carsten Hansen, General Salary Manager
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