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Being independent, self-reliant and not feeling limited in your daily surroundings is fundamental for living your life. This philosophy is one of the guiding principles for Pressalit in the development of flexible and adjustable kitchen and bathroom solutions for people with physical disabilities. The objective is through high quality and functional design to create better conditions for people living with special needs but also to ensure better working environment for carers and relatives. Based on expert knowledge and vast know-how, all Pressalit products are without compromise designed to make a difference in people’s lives.


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Modern and flexible bathroom solution contributes to a life enhancing culture
Albertshøj Nursing Home has installed a modern and flexible bathroom solution to benefit both residents and their caregivers. When the Albertshøj Nursing Home in Albertslund Municipality, in the Capital Region of Denmark, opened in 2016, the bathroom design had been given thorough consideration. A taskforce of employees, management, municipality representatives, architects, and the Danish company Pressalit had collaborated to analyze and identify the needs and requirements of the 108 residents. The design process merged aesthetical and functional considerations, aiming to create the ‘ideal bathroom’ for both residents and caregivers. From a functional point of view, the ideal bathroom must be flexible, with a horizontally and vertically adjustable sink, a height-adjustable toilet, and should preferably include the ability to tailor the installations to individual needs. It must also allow for freedom of movement for caregivers. The overall functionality is supported by a number of aesthetic design choices. One example is the importance of colors and contrasts for cognitively challenged residents who sometimes struggle to find their way around a room with no contrasts. At Albertshøj, the tiles are designed in two contrasting colors. The wall-mounted grab bar in the shower is dark grey so that it clearly stands out against the bright tiles. This enables residents to navigate more freely and retain their orientation in the bathroom. Before construction began, a model of the bathroom was created to allow the task force and users to test the equipment and provide input. This process has ensured that the nursing home now has a modern and highly-flexible quality solution that benefits both citizens and caregivers. “Even if this comes to be your last home in life, it still needs to have substance, energy, and quality. Life is for living, also in the late years.” – Bjarne Webb, Nursing Home Manager at Albertshøj. For the management at Albertshøj, the bathroom design process has facilitated a cultural transition as well – from a traditional ‘caring culture’ to a much broader ‘life-enhancing’ culture, focused on supporting residents’ individual life possibilities.
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