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At Prevas we solve problems. Many of them pretty ingenious, too. A lot of people would probably say that we do so using a variety of technological solutions – and to an extent that is true. However, our ingenuity is probably even more important. As is the team spirit that backs it. This is what Prevas is actually all about. About coming together to see the things others cannot see. About possibilities.

What we offer

Innovative Solutions

The Acarix CADScor® System
World breaking technology The Acarix CADScor® System is built on famous Danish acoustic knowledge, design and engineering skills. Brief: In order to help bringing down the number of unnecessary heart scans, Acarix wanted to develop a hole new and never seen tool for more effective diagnosis. Solution: Prevas develops this revoluting highly advanced microphone based sensor, that on basis of scoring, determines the risk of serious heart diseases and the need of further scans. For more please see Benefit: Diminishes unnecessary heart scans.

Measurelet: The Measuring Toilet
Measurelet has invented a technological toilet, which can measure the amount of urine and faeces excreted, directly updating a patient’s medical records. The solution will optimize an otherwise very time-consuming process continually performed in hospitals. Prevas have been selected by Measurelet as their technology partner, bringing many years of automation and sensor experience to the project. To date this work has concentrated on the R&D required to accurately differentiate and measure the excreted products. A first technology demonstrator has already been constructed in record time, with plans are now underway to rapidly commercialise this research into a fully functioning product that can go to field trial.
Lyskær 3EF
2730 Herlev

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