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Public Intelligence is a consultancy company specialising in welfare innovation and development. We operate in the intersection between the public and private sectors. We assist the municipalities in their work with welfare innovation and assistive living technology. We have a unique knowledge about the municipalities’ strategic focus areas, and we have an in-depth knowledge about the assistive living technologies market. We provide an opportunity for vendors and developers of assistive living technologies, to test their products together with potential users. The common denominator of all our concepts is the fact that they are relevant to both municipalities and vendors.

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Do you want to have your own Living Lab?
We create value through a systematic, agile and open innovation approach. The purpose is to create enduring transformative health innovation. We are a commercial company with senior expert knowledge drawn from within the public sector in the nordic countries and we have developed a contextual framework for creating user-driven health innovation that can be put into use in different counties and different organisations. A Living Lab is a key tool for creating health innovation. It’s a safe-haven for ideation, testing of new ideas, prototypes or actual mature products in real life settings. A living lab can both be physical and virtual. The purpose is to create a systematic close-to-practice arena for user-driven open innovation. A Living Lab will always put the user into the centre of innovation. Participants in the living lab include carers, professionals and representatives from private and public sector organisations as well. A well developed living lab will also function as an arena for matching user needs with potential solutions and functions as an educational and training arena for large scale implementation issues in realising health innovation and ensuring that potential exploration is realised. The research aim or actual purpose can therefore vary depending on the design of the testbed / living lab. We have developed an built several Living Labs in Denmark and run the largest functional living lab that works across different municipalities and a hospital. We are also thought leaders on the Surrey And Borderes IOT Dementia Living Lab in Surrey, UK.
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