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We provide the knowledge to make the healthcare sector more intelligent, efficient and safe.

What we offer

Rehfeld Partners A/S deliver the IT solution known as SSPV to 14 municipalities in Denmark. Due to an increasing number of citizens with chronic diseases, elderly citizens, and people with an unhealthy lifestyle, it is important to have an overview of the general health and work situation of the population. In this way, it is easier to work on preventing the e.g. chronic diseases from getting worse. Therefore, Rehfeld Partners has invented the IT solution, SSPV. With an easily readable GUI and a user-friendly setup, it is possible to see where it is vital to start taking preventive action regarding e.g. an evolving depression or Type 2 diabetes. SSPV provides: • An easy overview • An ideal planning tool • Prevents chronic diseases evolving • Benchmarks staff and treatments

VISUAL DRG managed by SSI
SSI is a public enterprise under the Danish Ministry of Health. DRG is used as a description of hospital products in the invoicing systems. However, DRG can also be used as a tool for benchmarking, performance analysis and hospital management.
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