Sani nudge

Sani nudge contributes to human health by connecting hospitals with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care. Through location-aware applications, Sani nudge improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. The sensor-based system is designed to prevent infectious disease transmission, with a focus on healthcare associated infections (HAIs). 

The solution records hygiene levels and actively improves compliance through behavioral nudges. These nudges are light based clues designed to remind health care workers to disinfect their hands when hand hygiene compliance drops too low. Furthermore, it positively reinforces employees with sufficient hygiene compliance and thus creates lasting behavior change.

What we offer

Doubling hand hygiene compliance at AUH
Working with Aarhus University hospital the Sani nudge system has improved their compliance rate from 26% - 57% in a simple intervention at public toilets at the cancer ward. The results was so positive that TV2 featured it in their news coverage

Sani nudge, 1 of 5 healthcare solutions selected in the fight against Covid-19
Sani nudge has been selected as 1 of only 5 Danish Healthcare solutions which significantly contributes to the fight against COVID-19 in a recent report. The catalogue titled "Automation of Healthcare Processes", was created by Healthcare DENMARK and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen. After being finalized in May 2020, the publication has been approved of by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
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