Sanocast brings client motivation and patient empowerment. Sanocast is dedicated to long lasting healthy habits. By empowering health practitioners and their clients with digital tools that focus on healthy habbits we aim to change the future of fitness and preventive health care.

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DiætistHuset is a national chain of nutritionists that have been using Sanocast as a motivational tool with their clients. We believe that activity trackers motivates a lot of clients and it helps them focus on physical fitness and nutrition. By using the Sanocast systemet we can see the numbers (from activity trackers) and use the insights in our counselling, both when the client is in the clinic and when the client is not in the clinic, says Jane Agergaard clinical nutritionist at DiætistHuset. Further informtion on this case can be found here (in danish): <a target="_blank" href=""></a>
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