TEMPUS600® is an innovative, patented transport system specifically developed and dedicated to transportation of small clinical samples in hospitals and laboratories.

Through Tempus600, we help hospitals to commence patient treatment earlier and discharge ambulatory patients more efficiently. Through predictable and faster transportation of small clinical samples, we help to significantly reduce the total turnaround time. The overall outcomes of the Tempus600 system are considerable savings in time and resources.

Sarstedt ApS delivers and services its, now modular and integrated, Tempus600® product lineup to customers in over 20 countries globally.

What we offer

Faster response time for 10 million blood tests a year
The Danish Bispebjerg Hospital has one of Europe's largest fully automated laboratories. The facilities ensure high quality for the hospital, with faster response times for analyses of the 10 million blood samples that the hospital's clinical biochemistry department currently needs to be able to process every year. As an important element in optimising response times, the hospital has installed 13 Tempus600 transport systems for small clinical samples. With a total of 5081 m of tubes, they replace the time-consuming manual transport of samples from hospital departments and the sample reception area to the fully automated laboratory which includes pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical equipment as well as IT. Transport takes just one to two minutes, and the fast, predictable transport times combined with the efficient analysis process ensure that the response time is kept under an hour. There is no longer any need to differentiate between Routine, Priority and Emergency samples, since all results for all priorities are available within an hour after arrival at the laboratory. The exceptions are just a few really critical samples, thrombolysis samples, which are carried by hand to the appliances delete, since results from these tests are needed within twenty minutes from arrival at the laboratory. Not needing to prioritize tests when they are ordered makes it easier for the clinics to order tests.

Automatic transport of blood samples reduces response time drastically
Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg has created one of Europe’s most modern laboratories. The laboratory houses some of the newest analysis equipment and solutions for logistics. The hospital has installed 13 delete TEMPUS600 erstat med Tempus600 systems to transport nearly 100 % of the blood samples to clinical biochemical laboratory. This reduces the average response time to approximately 1 hour. Additionally, a Tempus600 system is implemented in Accident and Emergency for transportation of swabs and urine samples to microbiological laboratory. The principle ‘single touch’ is an important factor in the Tempus600 system when sending blood sample and other small clinical samples. By ‘single touch’, the hospital wants the sample tube to be touched only once when the sample is taken and placed in the sending station. The delete TEMPUS600 erstat med Tempus600 Tempus600 system adheres to this, by sending the samples fast and safe in a closed system directly to the laboratory. It is a simple input and an output, and this ensures reliability of delivery and peace of mind for the staff.
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