Sekoia provides the care home professionals with an overview of their daily tasks and enables an improved day-to-day management. Recording health data, sharing information and reporting observations, all happens with lightning speed at the touch of a button. More than 30 apps are put together according to care home requirements, to ease the workflow and ensure care that is based on individual needs.

Digital Care Planning lets care workers focus on service delivery. Sekoia takes away the paperwork burden, providing access to relevant information, right where needed. The result is enhanced care and fewer incidents and a typical care home saves 1,5 hours per care worker per shift evidencing car

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“We create a smoother day for both residents and employees”
When the Council of Odense examined conditions at its care homes the conclusion was clear: care staff had a working day with far too many interruptions and too little time for the residents. With savings and cutbacks in mind, Odense couldn't just hire more employees, but had to come up with smarter solutions. Sekoia was that choice: “Now our employees are able to assess where they are required. This also proves useful at handover as employees in one department can step in and help if they can see that the department next door is very busy.”
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