Senior 24 offers a broad variety of products in the 'assisted daily living' category. Our customers are private customers, institutions and companys. We deliver directly to end-user within 1-2 working days. Feel free to visit our online shop for more detailed info.

What we offer

We have about 45 different rollators in our assortment, so there's a solution for whatever the need. The assortment includes specialty products like off-road rollators, rollatores especially suited for travelling, XXL rollators and all the standard solutions you may think of.

Easy access to public building for wheelchai users
We have helped several Danish churches create better access for wheelchair users to their buildings. We have supplied aluminum and rubber ramps, which can be used without fixed mounting, which is a flexible solution that does not require any major construction work.
Fruebjergvej 3
2100 København Ø

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