SMART-TRIAL helps MedTech clinical teams comply with regulations on clinical evidence by simplifying the collection and management of data.
Tailor-made for MedTech, SMART-TRIAL offers a do-it-yourself Electronic Data Capture for clinical investigations and PMCF activities, including registries and surveys.
SMART-TRIAL is built to empower clinical teams to be in full control of their data without compromising on features, design, or compliance.

What we offer

VitalGoSystems (2015)
Problem: While VitalGoSytems was developing an innovative hospital bed with multiple novel functionalities, they recognized that the control interface of the bed was old fashioned. As VitalGo focuses on progress, they wanted the controls to match the product and thereby offer an application interface to their customers. Solution: SMART-TRIAL developed a first of its kind Android tablet application for controlling a hospital bed. In addition to fulfilling the ISO/IEC 62304 standard, SMART-TRIAL designed the interface and handled all communication with the users. The solution was launched late 2015.

Pressalit application (2014)
Problem: Pressalit was looking for an innovative control interface to their “Intelligent Bathroom” project. Solution: SMART-TRIAL assisted Pressalit in designing and developing a tablet-based application, which allowed users to wirelessly control different bathroom accessories. The application enabled users to adjust the height of a toilet, sink and a shower-chair. Furthermore, day-to-day users could store their own favorable position for each unit, ensuring comfortable and ergonomic usage of the bathroom
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