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We provide applicable technical solutions in a timely manner. We enter product development projects at any stage from idea to finished product, we design and build production and laboratory equipment and we produce in small scale in our class 8 clean room. An essential part of our services is the transfer of technology to high scale production facilities. All equipment is in house, tool shop, molding, cleanroom, test equipment, laboratory, and of course qualified employees.

What we offer

Cardiac Catheter
Soltech was contacted to develop the product as well as the production method. The catheter is designed for venous drainage. Special features results in optimal flow rates independant of the blood pressure being systolic or diastolic. At the final project stages a partial technology transfer was initiated so that parts of the catheter today is produced in Soltechs clean room. The catheter itself is manufactured by the customer. The part that Soltech produces is illustrated below.

Controller units
We make custom Controller Units for individual assignments. With standard components, lots of creativity and know-how, these Controllers becomes quite clever and powefull Units. We choose in advance which "brain" would be most suitable for the assignment, to optimize the cost/benefit ratio. Most commonly, our controller Units would be used in some kind of a heat sealing, bonding, or tipforming device. It could be as simple as a Machine for sealing peel pouches. Because of the accuracy in our Controller Units, it can be set and reset for sealing different materials very easily, and still perform a fully validated sealing for e.g. a Medical Device. Data can be logged and extracted for documentation if necessary. Electric, Pneumatic, Thermostatic and Hydraulic in- and outputs are possible. Even vision control can be integrated to interact with the controller during production. This also makes a Soltech Controller capable of controlling many of our previous Machines with only few changes in the setup.
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