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Sonovision has been working with art and acoustics in hospitals and nursing homes since 2011. We base our products and services on the principles of “healing architecture” which shows that a well-considered choice of artistic decoration combined with a good sound environment has a markedly positive impact on patients, relatives and staff.

What we offer

Stress reducing art

Elective art as distraction in a hospital ward
Sonovision has been participating in a 2 year scientific project "Elective art as distraction in a hospital ward" on Odense University Hospital in Denmark. The aim was to explore whether self-elected art on the wards affected hospitalized patients in a somatic hospital had an influence on the experience well-being, pleasure, and recreation. We found that active involvement of patients supplied the majority of patients with increased pleasure and entertainment during the hospitalization. Elective art had a significant impact on hospital patients’ psychological resources. The patients experienced that their caregivers had more focus on them. Patient predominantly chose photos of nature.
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