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Half of the world’s population lives in cities. Sweco’s architects are equally experts at designing an entirely new Asian city and a small-town school. Whatever project, the focus is on creating ideal environments for people to live, work and thrive in the cities of tomorrow. By combining recognized expertise with a broad range of operations, Sweco’s architects offer a unique and comprehensive view in designing the buildings and landscape of the future.

What we offer

Emergency Centre Viborg Hospital
An addition to the hospital in Viborg is the new emergency centre. Here the emergency room, the trauma department (with an associated helicopter landing pad on the roof) and the emergency care department will share space with units for surgery, outpatient surgery, intensive care, diagnostic imaging and different kinds of health care. In order to create a better work flow for the staff and avoid confusion, the operations will be split into two buildings. One building will be open to the public with a reception and waiting room, and the other will be more private in its design.
Bygmestervej 5
2400 Copenhagen NV

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