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Swisslog healthcare automation solutions help progressive hospitals and healthcare organizations efficiently manage medications and material transport to improve workflow, streamline costs and enhance the patient experience. Our comprehensive solutions are held to the highest quality standards to ensure accurate and safe transport and delivery of patient medications, services and support materials. Swisslog develops, designs and delivers automated material transport and medication management systems that improve clinical quality in hospitals and healthcare facilities and encourage patient-centered care.

What we offer

The TransCar Automated Guided Vehicle System implemented for the containerized transport of food and consumer goods takes also a significant role in the planned logistics of a running hospital. Most consumer goods, linen and clothes at St. Olavs come from external warehouses and arrive at the loading dock in trolleys, ready for transport with the automated guided vehicles. TransCar transports containers with an overall weight up to 500 kg completely automatically along pre-programmed routes and to a pre-determined schedule. The Swisslog guided vehicles summon elevators and open and close doors as required, by communicating over the wireless IP network. Lights turn off when no motion is detected and a unique laser navigation system enables the vehicles to identify obstacles and to scan the contours of the building for reference. The potential benefits of storing products only at the point-of-use improve control and lower stock levels.

The PillPick Automated Drug Management System is a further step in logistics excellence. At the beginning of 2009, it was decided to install two PillPick Systems at the Hospital Pharmacy Trondheim to supply St. Olavs University Hospital. The Swisslog pharmacy robot automates the packaging, storage and dispensing of tablets, capsules, ampoules, vials, cups and syringes in unit doses. Together, the two systems will supply more than 13.000 unit doses on daily basis. Over 10.000 of these unit doses will be tablets. Each PillPick System is similar to the one already delivered and functional at the new Ahus hospital outside Oslo, Norway, but the duplication gives significantly higher capacity and reliability, suitable for the larger number of patients. The PillPick Systems has been operating since the fall of 2010 and include a newly developed transfer unit. In a fully automated process, this unit places the rings that carry the patient-specific, 24-hour medication orders into pneumatic tube carriers. These bar-coded therapy rings are transported by the Pneumatic Tube System directly to the relevant ward, ensuring a fast and safe delivery of the medicine to the patient. In case of emergency the delivery is planned within 15 minutes from the order entry. From a logistics perspective, the innovations at St. Olavs Hospital represent a state-of-the-art technology; every logistics process has been optimized for quality and efficiency on behalf of the patient.
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