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We are experts in workflow analysis and design, implementation and evaluation in the healthcare sector. Symmetric specializes in a process-oriented view on practice. Therefore we analyze, evaluate and design processes with a focus on relations regardless of who performs them. By visualizing the processes and their relations, hidden problems may become visible and appropriate work procedures and processes can be designed.

What we offer

App and platform “Early Detection Plus”
Symmetric has in cooperation with the Danish board of Health developed Early Detection Plus, which is an integrated platform for registration, communication and overview. The aim is to prevent the elderly medical patients’ need for hospitalization and to increase their quality of life. The platform allows you to identify and react to health problems and functional decline in elderly citizens at an early stage. The end users are professional care workers such as nurses and care assistants. Greater attention to changes in the citizen´s habitual state prompts shared decision-making and early intervention, which in turn reduces the need for costly hospitalizations and rehabilitation programs

Pilot project "Coherent Citizenship"
The pilot project "Coherent Citizenship" shows that one can take a complex area such as exposed children and young people, identify the needs for data sharing and enable data sharing in practice by starting from the framework architecture. In this way, a common need is met among children, parents and professionals in order to better share information, thereby creating IT-supported coherent efforts across all people and agencies involved. The Task for Symmetric: Symmetric has been the project manager throughout the pilot project. We have advised and been responsible for gathering project experiences, coordination and conduct of meetings, workshops, observations, workflow analysis focusing on data sharing needs of the parties involved, development of mock-up in collaboration with the parties involved, workflow design in connection with testing the developed mock-up, testing of the developed demonstration solution, evaluation of the results and documentation related to the preparation of the reports
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