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The Columna e-health solutions support employees, patients, and relatives, throughout a citizen’s complete health journey – no matter if the journey takes place at a hospital, at home, with social services, at a nursing home, or during rehabilitation.

With a shared platform as the foundation, the solutions create coherence in citizens’ treatment plans across sectors, specialties, and geography. This provides security, transparency, and overview.

What we offer

Columna in Central Denmark Region
The Central Denmark Region has implemented several of the Columna eHealth solutions, with the focal part being Columna Clinical Information System. Since 2010, the region's hospitals have been using this EHR, which supports the more than 10,000 users in delivering and documenting efficient care to patients every day. The system provides a comprehensive clinical workplace and overview, integrating information from different specialties and departments across the hospitals. All hospitals in the Central Denmark Region can easily share information within and between themselves, as well as exchange and integrate data with other regions and institutions in Denmark.

Columna Clinical Logistics in Central Denmark Region
Columna Clinical Logistics is an advanced dashboard and tracking solutions for modern hospitals. The solution provides a real time overview of work processes and patient flows in the clinical departments across a hospital and between the hospitals in the region. Columna Clinical Logistics improves quality of care, reduces waiting time and provides a real-time overview on large touch screens and mobile devices. The roll-out to all hospital was completed in 2015, and with the solution, the Central Denmark Region is able to realise its vision of long-term successful hospitals with transparency and strategic innovation.

Columna Flow
Improving hospital logistics has a positive effect on the efficiency of the entire hospital. Columna Flow is a product suite which consists of several solutions for optimising hospital logistics including service tasks, wayfinding, and real-time overview of patients. One Flow solution, Columna Service Logistics, creates an overview of tasks, resources and staff, making it easier to coordinate and plan operations. It makes use of different technologies for tracking, and is operated via smartphones and PCs. With a total of three different flow solutions, the Columna product suite makes sure that things run smoothly at hospitals and that you can always get an overview. No matter if you are a patient, visitor, clinician, orderly, cleaning assistant, or service assistant we have a solution that supports your needs.

An intelligent ‘pill robot’ ensures accurate and timely medication
A medication dosage solution has been integrated with a user-friendly primary-care record, greatly increasing citizens’ flexibility and involvement in their own care. In Hjørring Municipality in the North Denmark Region, Susan, an elderly woman living in her own home, is about to take her medication. She has several prescriptions and needs to take her medicines 4-6 times every day. Earlier, she was often confused by the many pills, sometimes forgetting to take some of them, or getting them mixed up. She now participates in a project in which a ‘pill robot’ has been installed in her home – programmed with the dosage for her various medicines. The robot is integrated with the primary-care record, Columna Cura, and the Shared Medication Record, a database with updated medication information shared among patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Here they can find information about all the medicines that the patient receives through any prescription or pharmacy in Denmark. This means that when a doctor changes Susan’s prescription, the pill robot is updated in real-time. New medication is delivered to Susan’s robot within 24 hours after it has been prescribed. And if Susan forgets to take her medication, the robot will notify home-care services. As the solution is fully integrated, home-care professionals need only a single point-of-contact, the primary-care record. They can access it on a tablet computer, which makes it possible for them to document health-data on location. This makes it easier to involve Susan in discussions and decisions about her care. The solution has given Susan more flexibility in her daily life, as she no longer depends on home-care staff to provide the medication several times a day.
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