Treat Systems

Treat Systems was established in 2008 as a dedicated dynamic Danish company located in Aalborg. Our primary focus is development of software solutions including decision support that gives clinicians the best prerequisites for treating patients with infections, while at the same time reducing the consumption of antibiotics. Treat Systems focuses on understanding both clinical and technical aspects, combining this knowledge into innovative product development for the benefit of patients, clinicians, hospitals and communities. Treat Systems has extensive experience with health informatics, decision support and data mining technologies and uses this to deliver the best comprehensive Antimicrobial Stewardship solution to customers.

What we offer

Improves coverage and reduces use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials
TREAT Steward™ can reduce the risk of side effects when suggesting antimicrobials by ordering treatment suggestions according to the hospital´s guidelines. TREAT Steward™ has been tested in clinical trials involving more than 7,500 patients. The trials were performed in several hospitals with differing clinical setups and different levels of resistance. Results have been reproducible and shown that clinicians supported by Treat guidance can provide higher percentage of microbiologically covering antimicrobial treatments to their patients compared to clinicians without access to TREAT. On average, studies have shown a potential improvement empirical coverage from approximately 60% without TREAT to 75% with TREAT. Learn more
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