Triagonal’s systematic yet flexible design process is the core of what we do. Our approach to wayfinding does not start with signage or graphic design, but with the user.

Exploring the user’s objectives, motivations and behaviour within a given space is key when designing wayfinding solutions as well as assessing how to optimise the overall user experience to the benefit of both the clients and their users. User involvement and observation - and the subsequent empathic analysis - are core tools to ensure the fulfilment of basic needs, requirements, and expectations. It is essential for us to understand both the users and the environment they navigate in, in order to design effective wayfinding solutions.

What we offer

Wayfinding strategy for super hospital
Gødstrup is a regional hospital that will cover the western part of central Denmark. The hospital is expected to be open its doors by 2020 and will consist of an acute care unit, a somatic department and a psychiatric hospital. Using personas and scenario testing with the future users of the hospital, Triagonal has analysed the building structure, future user flows and behavioural patterns to develop a wayfinding concept and information design.

Wayfinding strategy for 1 million square meter hospital
Triagonal has designed the Wayfinding Strategy and Graphic design for the new Başakşehir City Hospital in Istanbul. The hospital’s eight Centres of Excellence cover around one million square meters, equal to three of the largest “super hospitals” under construction in Denmark. We are proud to contributing to this state-of-the-art project offering world class patient journeys for Turkish and international patients. The hospital project is developed by the Rönesans Group.
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