VELA - Vermund Larsen A/S

Danish design and experience since 1935

VELA - Vermund Larsen A/S is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by manufacturer Vermund Larsen. VELA has been designing chairs and equipment for the healthcare industry since the 1950s and personal aid chairs for care and rehabilitation since the 1970s and has built up solid experience over the years.

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About VELA
Since the development of the VELA Chair in the 1970s, the VELA Rehab product range has been adding value and independence to users and care providers' everyday life. The VELA Chairs are assistive technology devices that make a huge difference for people with disabilities, as they enable activity and participation in everyday activities - providing greater independence in everyday life. Find products and learn more about the VELA Chair

About VELA Medical
VELA Medical delivers specialised chairs tailored to support the specific needs of healthcare departments, patients, and medical personnel alike. A VELA Medical chair is defined by contributing to more efficient examinations and treatments while promoting excellent support and optimum working position for the health care personnel. All chairs comply with the strict requirements of the healthcare sector, and the VELA Medical products promote a better work environment in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Find our range of chairs recommended for your specific area
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