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Vendlet is the creator behind the world’s only fully mechanic patient turning system; The VENDLET.

Originally developed in the late 1970’s, the system provides significant benefits for employee’s work health and safety by reducing injuries from strain to the back, neck, arms and shoulders from moving and handling clients during bedside care. VENDLET also provides a gentler care for clients by reducing pressure ulcers and pain from being turned, and by facilitating some client’s independence by letting them turn themselves.

Vendlet also offers pressure relieving positioning cushions, mattresses, and other aids. All our solutions are developed by healthcare professionals and supported by clinical studies.

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Mechanic Patient Turning Systems Improves Workplace Health and Safety
A research project from The Danish Technological Institute, a leading research and technology institution in Denmark, has shown, that the use of mechanic patient turning systems can lead to fewer work injuries among staff, improved comfort for clients and to financial savings through increased efficiency. The project concluded that using the VENDLET systems contributes to a reduced physical strain of the employees and that the risk of work injuries was reduced. This also led to fewer sick days. Furthermore, the project showed that the mechanic systems had a positive effect on employees’ general physical well-being and led to less fatigue. For instance, employees were not as tired after work and had less pain. This also had a positive effect on their mood and job-satisfaction. In total, 16 clients participated in the part of the evaluation that dealt with exploring the effects for the users. The project concludes that using mechanic turning systems has significant positive effects on the clients physical and mental well-being. Physically the mechanic turning systems reduced the amount of pain the clients felt in moving and handling situations. None of the clients was in pain during transfer with the system, meanwhile, more than 50 % felt that it was painful to be transferred with manual handling methods.

One Caregiver per Client Saves Time and Improves Quality
Mechanical turning systems for transferring, moving, and handling patients have improved the working environment and the safety of residents in nursing homes in Hillerød Municipality. Hillerød Municipality, in the Capital Region of Denmark, has vigorously pursued assisted-living technologies, which improve the working environment and safety of employees as well as the efficiency and quality of care. One of these solutions is the Vendlet patient-turning system. The system consists of two motorized bars mounted on each side of the bed. Connected by a sheet, the bars turn the patient from side to side using a hand control. During the transfer, the caregiver does not need to push, pull, or lift the patient. In addition to be a gentler transfer for the patient, the system is proven to have positive impact on caregivers’ working environment and their overall health. It plays a significant role in preventing work-related injuries. Bedside care is a significant proportion of caregivers’ daily routines, and handling patients is very stressful on their back, neck, and shoulders. As a result, patient transfers have traditionally accounted for many work injuries. “This technology makes transfers smoother and gentler for the patients and has significantly reduced the number of injuries among care staff. Not a single transfer-related work injury has been reported since we implemented the system.” – Maria Westh Bernburg, Physiotherapist and Area Manager at Skovhuset Nursing Home in Hillerød. Hillerød Municipality has implemented the new system in all nursing homes and works continuously to ensure that all employees are properly trained in using it.
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