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Viewcare’s telehealth and telecare solutions improve patient outcomes, treatment quality and care delivery while reducing total cost and optimizing resource allocation.

Viewcare develop and supply a full range of integrated telehealth and telecare services to enable safe and effective remote treatment and caregiving as an effective alternative to moving the citizen to a central treatment or care facility.

The technology has proven itself to be safe and effective and both patients and treatment professionals have expressed their satisfaction with the way Viewcare’s technology facilitates their remote collaboration.


What we offer

Viewcare has delivered and runs the telemedicine platform, which is being used in connection to the Virtual Hospital – a huge study on “security of telemedicine treatment of COPD in acute worsening in relation to conventional admission”.

The full range of Viewcare telemedicine services can be deployed in any location in less than an hour. We are currently working closely with Danish community service delivery organizations to develop an acute rehabilitation service delivered right in the home of the citizen as an alternative to either bringing the patient to a temporary care home or admitting the patient to a local hospital. Offering rehabilitation in the home greatly improves the chances of the citizen being able to continue living safely and in full control in the comfort of their own home and this is key to maintaining a good quality of life. This also allows community services to redirect their resources to other areas of need.
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