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Our health solution focusses on how the test for the suPAR biomarker can best be applied to help clinicians in their daily work. We offer different test technologies to suit different users and we collaborate with researchers to bring out more knowledge on various clinical aspects where suPAR might be of help.

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New Data in New England Journal of Medicine on Chronic Kidney Disease
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine published on November 5 shows that suPAR reliably can predict the development of Chronic Kidney Disease up to five years before symptoms of this disease emerge - a disease that affects an estimated 600 million people. Currently, physicians rely on two markers to monitor existing kidney disease, but they are not sensitive enough to predict a persons risk of developing the disease or to catch it in its early stages. The New England Journal of Medicine study found that a high suPAR level was an excellent predictor of future kidney disease. "We can now stratify people according to their risk of developing kidney disease using suPAR levels" said Dr. Salim Hayek, first author of the study. The study is even a significant breakthrough in preventive medicine. Also diabetes patients, of which about one-third develop Diabetic Kidney Disease, can now be helped. "This will help risk-stratify patients with diabetes on their risk of future kidney disease" explains Jochen Reiser, senior author of the NEJM study. Results are based upon research using the suPARnostic® products from ViroGates. Jakob Knudsen, CEO of ViroGates comments: " We are pleased that our products can help to identify patients in risk of developing chronic kidney disease earlier than what has been possible to date, and we look forward to help the medical community use these results in clinical practice".
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