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Ambient interventions and Wavecare. Exploring the effects of ambient interventions and welfare technology in healthcare has been the main focus of Wavecare for more than a decade. ‚ÄčThe result is innovations, studies and research into ways to reduce stress for staff and patients. ‚ÄčSpecific combinations of Wavecare audiovisual stimulation have a documented calming effect for people in hospitals by distracting from the artificial and alienating environment.

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Wavecare Sensory Delivery Room

Wavecare Sensory Room for Psychiatric wards

Wavecare Sensory Room for Nursing homes and Elder care

Focus on reducing patient stress by using audiovisual stimuli
In the past decade, Wavecare participated in numerous innovation and science projects inside interactive computer game, interior light in cars, nutrition, elder care, delivery procedure, psychiatry, PTSD, medicine uptake, scanners and more. Please contact us directly for specific requests or studies, science projects.

Sensory stimulation improves the well-being of people with dementia
Ambient application of sound, light, natural scenery, and other images can create a peaceful environment in nursing homes and improve the well-being of residents with dementia. In Vejen Municipality, the nursing home Kærdalen has experienced how a mobile device for sensory stimulation, that displays relaxing nature-scenery films, has improved the quality of life for its residents with dementia. The device is a cabinet on wheels mounted with a projector, a sound system, and a control panel to navigate the different films/programs. While it is mostly used in the public areas of the nursing home, its portability allows it to be used in the residents’ own apartments as well. The displays and music are specially designed to calm and stimulate people suffering from anxiety, creating a positive distraction. “One of our residents is very restless and extremely sensitive to external impulses and stimuli. She often needs professional help to rest during the day. This ambient device creates moments of peacefulness, making her calmer and improving her quality of life.” – Sigrid Rindom, Group Leader, Dementia Department, Kærdalen, Vejen Municipality. Overall, the device has had a significant effect on residents who feel restless. Relatives have also made positive observations, stressing that the natural images and sounds work as a calming catalyst and a subject for conversations.
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