Wellfaster™, a market leading company within e- & mHealth technologies with +10 years of experience serving public and private healthcare providers. We offer our fully clinical proved and efficient rehabilitation training solution: Virtual Training®.

Our solution is implemented in various Scandinavian countries, supporting health providers in their transformation reshaping their traditional business models towards a more digital world with a customer centric solution, where data is the key resource.

Wellfaster™ always strive to develop unique solutions that make a genuine difference by creating both economical and human added value to our customers, end users and the society.

What we offer

Esbjerg Municipality, Denmark
Rehabilitation training is supported by Virtual Training®. The solution is running on devices lent out by the municipality, or on the citizens own devices. The municipality is reducing time spend on manual treatment, home-based physiotherapy (less driving) and helping citizens that for different reasons are not able to attend the “normal” services. Fun fact: The municipality is also supporting own employees with physical health-issues with individual home exercise plans!

Codan, Health Insurance
Customers with health insurance able to use Virtual Training® as a part of their rehabilitation plan. The compliance to home exercise plan is 40% better and almost 60% believes that the effect is better and felt more motivated to follow the advice from the physiotherapist. Fun fact: More than 70% of patients find it very important or somewhat important with a supporting digital solution – and more than 70% of patients find it very important or somewhat important with a reduced number of visits to the therapist!
Kongensgade 94, 1
6700 Esbjerg

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