We are a Danish company which develops, sells and rents medical assistance products for the Health sector. We urge to make an impactful difference in the lives of people suffering from ADHD, anxiety & dementia with our innovative stimulating SENSE products which consists of high quality, high weight chain-blankets, and other products delivering relief and increased quality of life for both patients and next of kin.

We also offer anti decubitus matrasses with the PRESSURE line, for a wide range of patients at both Denmarks public National Hospitals and private institutions. Our mattress technology automatically ensures that the patient does not develop bedsores - no matter the duration of hospitalization.



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Case stories
Case: Dementia Together with an elderly woman with Alzheimer Dementia we have used a chain weighted blanket. By using the chain weighted blanket her anxiety is reduced and she has now got more zest for life, more energy, sleeps better through the night and has less anxiety. Learn more Case: Psychiatry To a patient with anxiety and depression, we have used a chain weighted west. It has given the patient the opportunity to participate more actively in her own life. She is now in a position to go outside by herself, to go shopping and travel by bus. All actions that she has not previously been able to perform because of anxiety. Learn more Case: ADHD Together with a boy of 10 years with big challenges due to inattentiveness, we've reduced sleep latency from just under 2 hours to about 15 minutes by using af chain weighted blanket. He feels better now, both socially and academically, he is more happy to go to school, his concentration is better - and he has started having playdates. Learn more

Sens-Aid, the blanket that hugs residents to improve their well-being
A new solution increases calmness and well-being of residents with physical or mental impairments in nursing homes. Sensory solutions are increasingly being applied in Danish nursing homes to promote social interaction and well-being of residents. At Sølund village in Skanderborg Municipality, in Central Denmark Region, the staff has implemented a new tool in their daily activities with residents who are mainly elderly citizens with physical or mental impairments. The tool is a weighted blanket, called SensAid, with six ‘wings’ that embrace the resident when seated. The wings stimulate the so-called tactile and proprioceptive senses; the body's sense of touch and position. They leave the resident with the feeling of being hugged, which triggers the hormone oxytocin, also called the ‘cuddle hormone’. When this hormone is released, the resident immediately senses a positive change in well-being, energy, calmness, and peace of mind. As such, the solution creates a comfort zone for the resident, and the staff have observed significant positive impact on the behavior of residents, some of whom are in their 80s. Many of them have developmental disabilities and are often very restless, and sometimes self-damaging, mostly in situations where they feel under pressure, such as the daily brushing of teeth. When residents use the stimulating blanket, they are much calmer, more tolerant, and able to participate in social activities with other residents and staff.
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