Healthcare Denmark is a non-profit, public-private partnership promoting strongholds, expertise and innovation within Danish healthcare and life science.

Healthcare Denmark facilitates collaborations and partnerships between Danish companies and international stakeholders. We bring together stakeholders from the healthcare sector, including private companies, universities, hospitals, and public authorities.

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark is patron of Healthcare Denmark. HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark helps increase worldwide knowledge of Danish healthcare, life science expertise and innovation.

We are proud to have our international network of healthcare ambassadors. Each ambassador represents his or her own specialty within healthcare with a deep understanding of the sector in both Denmark and their home country. The vision of the Healthcare Denmark ambassador network is to make healthcare more refined, efficient, and patient-centered around the world.

Healthcare Denmark and the Nation of Health visitor centre was made possible with the support of The Danish Industry Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to support and develop inspirational and innovative projects and initiatives, that enhance the competitiveness of the Danish industry.

The Ministry of the Interior and Health of Denmark

The Ministry of the Interior and Health of Denmark oversees all aspects of healthcare in Denmark, including hospitals, medical treatments, dispensaries, patient rights, healthcare data collection and medical and research ethics.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a ministry under the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark, which handles the entire Kingdom's foreign policy, European policy, development policy, security policy, trade policy and international law tasks in relation to the outside world. The Ministry employs 1,350 people, of whom 500 are posted abroad.

Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs works to create increased growth and welfare in Denmark by ensuring that citizens and companies experience good conditions and frameworks for growth. The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs works with initiatives in areas such as business and financial regulation, competition and consumer affairs, business promotion, etc. 

Danish Regions

Danish Regions is the interest organisation for the five regions in Denmark. The overall mission is to safeguard the interests of the regions nationally as well as internationally.

Central Denmark Region

The Central Denmark Region is one of the five regions in Denmark and covers 19 municipalities. The responsibilities of the region are within the areas of health, psychiatry, social and regional development. 

The Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark is one of five regions in Denmark and consists of the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, the former counties of Copenhagen and Frederiksborg, and the regional municipality of Bornholm.

Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark is one of five regions in Denmark. The most important task of the region is to operate the healthcare service in Southern Denmark.

Confederation of Danish Industry

The Confederation of Danish Industry is Denmark’s largest employers’ and business organisation, representing over 19.000 small and large companies. 

Danish Chamber of Commerce

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is a business organisation for more than 18,000 companies across all commercial sectors. One of the core focus areas is the life sciences sector.

LIF - The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lif’s 38 members include Danish as well as foreign companies. Lif is working within all the links in the companies’ value chain: ensuring better conditions for research and innovation, formulation of rules and legislation on regulatory conditions, productivity conditions and improved market access.


Danish.Care is Denmark's trade organisation for assistive and welfare technology. Danish.Care works with and for the Danish welfare industry and with all of the industry's and the welfare society's stakeholders and partners.

University of Southern Denmark, SDU

The University of Southern Denmark is driven by an ambition to further research talents and results that develops society.

UCL University College

University College is a regional higher education institution, which offers more than 40 academy and professional higher education programmes within Business Science and Technology, Education and Social Sciences and Health Sciences.


Systematic is an international IT company enabling the complete continuum of care centered around patients and citizens.


H. Lundbeck A/S is a global pharmaceutical company, specialising in development of innovative therapeutics for brain disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

LEO Pharma

LEO Pharma pushes the limits of medical dermatology to understand patients, skin and dermatological diseases better than anyone else to pave the way towards precision medicine, prevention and eventually curing skin diseases.


Coloplast A/S is a Danish multinational company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices and services related to ostomy, continence, urology and wound care products.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk drives change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity and rare blood and endocrine diseases.


Ferring is a global, research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people build healthy families and live better lives.


ABENA, founded in 1953, is a Danish, family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of healthcare solutions and related products headquartered in Aabenraa in Southern Denmark.


Danfoss is passionate about creating reliable and high-quality solutions that can offer optimum protection in case of a fire for people, buildings, and equipment while minimising downtime.


Icura's sensor-based and easy-to-use training technology motivates anyone who wants to get in better shape or is in rehabilitation after disease or injury.

Leba Innovation

LEBA provides professional storing, charging and sterilization solutions for any device on the market.


The OTH platform is a remote health management solution for doctors, healthcare professionals, health clinics, hospitals and businesses providing remote care for large populations.


Wavecare develops ambient application solutions for hospitals and patients around the world with the purpose of reducing stress without the use of medication. 


Shift schedules affect vacation planning and time for family and personal hobbies. Shift schedules affects the ability to provide proper patient care.


IBG is a communication tool for individual citizens, regardless of age, gender, background, or functional level, and collects all the information that citizens may need in one place.

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