Chronic Diseases

Like many other countries around the world, Denmark is facing the challenge of increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and multimorbidity.

One in every three Danes over the age of 16 suffers from at least one chronic disease and therefore systematic preventive efforts such as efficient disease management and early detection are key to avoid comorbidities and deterioration of chronic diseases. Early detection is essential to initiate high quality and cost-effective treatment. The earlier a chronic disease can be diagnosed, the lower is the need for expensive surgery, treatment, or medicine.

In Denmark, we have a long tradition of collecting healthcare data to improve prevention, early detection, treatment, and research, which is crucial to develop and personalise health promoting activities and treatment for people with chronic diseases. New digital solutions enable data sharing and support both patient involvement and collaboration across sectors.

The Danish approach to chronic diseases and multimorbidity relies heavily on public-private partnerships in the development and implementation of initiatives to improve and increase healthcare. Through innovative partnerships between public and private actors, new digital solutions can help to improve the health of citizens with chronic diseases and increase the efficiency and quality of a coherent healthcare system.

Publication 01.04.2023

Chronic diseases and multimorbidity in Denmark

By 2030, the number of people in Denmark aged 80 and over will have risen by almost 60%. The ageing population combined with vastly improved treatment of diseases like diabetes and cancer has dramatically increased the number of Danes living with one or more chronic diseases. We hope that this report will provide valuable insights into the Danish approach to addressing chronic diseases and multimorbidity and inspire other countries to act towards improving health for all.

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