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Chronic disease

Explore innovative solutions for better health outcomes and improved quality of life within the subject of chronic disease.


Discover how digital technologies are transforming patient care and driving innovation in the Danish healthcare industry.

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Discover Denmark's holistic and innovative approach to elderly care. Learn how we are redefining aging with advanced technology and patient-centered solutions, providing a high quality of life for our seniors.


Experience the future of healthcare infrastructure as we showcase Denmark's innovative hospital constructions. Discover state-of-the-art facilities designed for patient-centric care and efficiency, leading the way in healthcare excellence.


From startups to established companies, discover how Denmark is driving progress and shaping the future of healthcare through collaboration, research, and bold ideas.

Mental health

Explore innovative solutions for better mental health outcomes and a society where everyone can thrive.

Population health

Explore Denmark's preventive and community-based approach to healthcare, driving better health outcomes and improving the well-being of our society.

Publication 01.03.2023

Chronic diseases and multimorbidity in Denmark

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Chronic diseases and multimorbidity are the greatest healthcare challenges facing us today, not only in Denmark but worldwide. By 2030, the number of people in Denmark aged 80 and over will have risen by almost 60%. The ageing population combined with vastly improved treatment of diseases like diabetes and cancer has dramatically increased the number of Danes living with one or more chronic diseases. We hope that this report will provide valuable insights into the Danish approach to addressing chronic diseases and multimorbidity and inspire other countries to act towards improving health for all.

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Danish Solutions is a collection of innovative Danish companies working in the healthcare industry. These companies are at the forefront of developing new products and technologie that aim to improve experiences for patients around the world. From digital health solutions to medical devices, our Danish Solutions partners are leading the charge towards a more effective, efficient, and accessible healthcare future.

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