Public-Private Partnerships

Denmark holds a prominent position in the global life science market, rooted in a unique history of public-private collaboration. This distinctive partnership integrates public healthcare, industry, and academia, positioning Denmark as a global leader – a beacon for innovative life science solutions.

The Danish approach to public-private partnerships prioritises inclusivity, bringing together a diverse range of public and private stakeholders from the government, regions, municipalities, academia, the healthcare sector including hospitals, and companies. These collaborations even transcend national borders, aiming to foster thriving ecosystems capable of delivering scalable healthcare solutions while promoting the development of innovative solutions that fuel both health outcomes and business growth.

Tackling complex challenges such as chronic diseases and multimorbidity requires a comprehensive, multi-sector approach, emphasising the need for robust public-private partnerships. These partnerships act as catalysts, uniting resources, expertise, and innovation across various sectors to address immediate health concerns and lay the foundation for sustainable, enduring solutions.

The economic impact of Denmark's healthcare industry, bolstered by the multi-stakeholder collaboration, is substantial, with healthcare exports doubling over a recent decade and comprising a significant portion of the country's total exports. The government has supported this growth through strategic plans aimed at enhancing research, streamlining the introduction of new medicines, and fostering a robust life science sector. Initiatives to increase clinical trial capacity and modernise regulatory agencies exemplify the country's efforts to maintain and extend its leadership in healthcare innovation.

This collaborative framework enables Denmark to tap into a diverse range of potentials, providing effective strategies to address complex societal challenges in the present and the future. The resulting partnerships unlock impactful solutions, leveraging the strengths of different stakeholders and sectors to enhance the well-being and health of everyone involved.

The essence of Denmark's success with public-private partnerships lies in a deeply ingrained culture of trust and mutual respect between the public and private sectors. This collaborative spirit ensures that partnerships go beyond just addressing pressing healthcare concerns to also enhancing societal welfare and economic development over time. This approach shows that when public oversight is effectively integrated with the vitality and inventiveness of the private sector, it can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes that propel both the growth of the industry and the advancement of healthcare services.

Examples of successful public-private partnerships

Lighthouse Life Science

The Lighthouse Life Science is a broad public-private partnership aimed to improve citizens’ health and strengthening growth and employment in Denmark.

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